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Technopole Maritime du Québec has been working for over 10 years towards the promotion and development of the Québec marine sciences and technologies industry. Through the organization of events and missions of international scale, the promotion of its members’ expertise, the networking opportunities it provides, but mostly through its leadership in the implementation of large scale projects, Technopole Maritime du Québec has developed a strong brand.

Through its actions, Technopole Maritime du Québec extends its reach at the local, national and international levels with industry members as well as governments and other maritime centres of excellence around the world. It has developed relationships with several government departments and agencies, at the provincial, national and international levels to ensure diligent support of various projects carried out for and by its members. Moreover, the marine sciences and technologies industry has never been so well-positioned among the key sectors for Quebec and Canada at the international level.

As a member of Technopole Maritime du Québec, you can benefit from a unique network of companies, research centres, technology transfer centres and specialized institutions sharing the same dynamic vision for the development of the marines sciences and technologies industry.

 Innovative and Dynamic Industry Segments

 Maritime and Marine Technologies

  • Maritime Transport
  • Shipbuilding
  • Marine Communications
  • Maritime Security and Safety
  • Environment
  • Hydrography
  • Oceanography
  • Geomatics
  • Observing and remote sensing systems
  • Electronics

Marine Biotechnologies

  • Human and Animal Food
  • Human and Animal Health
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Cosmetic and Cosmeceutical
  • Agriculture and Horticulture

Value-Added Services for Members

 Technopole Maritime du Québec offers a wide range of activities and services. Here is a sample of its services:


  • Support throughout the application process for different government financing programs;
  • Scanning and documentation;
  • Organization of delegations and support for international development;
  • Organization of training programs;
  • Organization of specialized events;
  • Greater accessibility to a network of experts and businesses for the implementation of new projects;
  • Active implication in the BioMar-Innovation Consortium as a member of the Bio-Innovation Network;
  • Active implication in the activities and projects of the ACCORD Niche ofExcellence in Marine Resources, Sciences and Technologies, as a member of the niche committee and host organization.

International Relations, a Major Development Tool

Technopole Maritime du Québec developed a solid network of collaborators throughout the world to help its members establish business relationships with partners and organizations abroad.


Some examples:

  • Collaborative agreement with Technopole Brest-Iroise, in France, for the organization of activities, support of its members’ projects and business support;
  • Collaborative agreements for business development in Argentina;
  • Project development with Mexico, particularly in the Veracruz region, on the Gulf of Mexico;
  • Contribution to the progress of marine biotechnologies projects with Norway;
  • Establishment of business relationships through institutional collaborations in the Qingdao region, in China;
  • Technopole Maritime du Québec is a member of an international network of maritime centres of excellence. The network includes organizations from France, Mexico, Argentina, Norway, Spain, Germany, China and Vietnam;
  • Technopole Maritime du Québec is also a member of Ocean Technology Alliance Canada, an organization promoting Canadian initiatives at the international level.
 These relationships with companies, institutions, governments and Québec’s and Canada’s offices abroad help Technopole Maritime du Québec and its members speed up the progress of projects and pursue the development of new markets.

Developmental Projects

Technopole Maritime du Québec has been facilitating the implementation of major projects to develop businesses and sustain innovation for over ten years. Here are our current areas of interest:

  • Development of the seaweed sector (culture, harvesting, processing, increase in value);
  • Promotion of R&D and innovation in Québec maritime transport sector;
  • Entrepreneurship support and development of innovative businesses;
  • Implementation of a development strategy for the ocean observation technologies sector.

Membership Benefits

  • Benefit from Technopole Maritime du Québec services;
  • Benefit from a visibility in the members directory and other TMQ communications tools;
  • Participate in missions and events organized by TMQ at the national and international levels;
  • Benefit from scanning and networking activities; 
  • Get the opportunity to sit on the board of directors;
  • Get an easier access to the programs and resources of TMQ government partners;
  • Benefit from an insider access to an expert network of TMQ scientists, businesses and institutional partners.



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