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Technopole Maritime du Québec

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A collection of innovation-oriented organizations



More than half of our members are from the private sector


from the private sector

Spread across 9 different regions in


Quebec cities

TMQ has also built a robust network of collaborators in Quebec, Canada and in


different countries

These multiple connections help accelerate the execution of projects and the development of new markets.

Technopole maritime du Québec (TMQ) brings together and works for its network of 59 members engaged in the maritime sector, a network that includes:

  • > private businesses
  • > academic establishments and research / technology transfer centres
  • > cities and municipalities
  • > development organizations and research networks


Over the years, TMQ has succeeded in building a robust network of collaborators from different parts of the province, country and world with a view to forging ties and facilitating projects between members and partners. These numerous connections help accelerate the execution of projects and the development of new markets.

10 good reasons to become a member of the TMQ network:

  1. Premium access to a network of scientific experts, businesses and partner institutions
  2. Discounted rate at TMQ sector events
  3. Priority participation in national and international missions and events
  4. Visibility in TMQ’s various communication tools
  5. Promotion of the expertise of its members on multiple platforms and to diverse audiences
  6. Access to sector information and strategic intelligence
  7. Support for developing innovative businesses in the sector
  8. Greater access to certain funding programs and resources offered by TMQ’s partners
  9. Support and opportunity for developing one’s business network during networking activities
  10. Possibility to sit on the Board of Directors

« Individually, we are one drop.
Together, we are an ocean.

– Ryunosuke Sataro