BioMar-Innovation : supporting and developing the marine bioresources and biotechnologies sectors

BioMar-Innovation is an initiative to support development and innovation through stronger business ties and technology monitoring with a focus on marine biotechnologies as well as marine product processing and value enhancement. It facilitates intercommunication, networking and the emergence of projects that mobilize industrial and institutional players.

BioMar-Innovation was founded in 2008 and has been piloted by TMQ since 2016, with the support of the Marine Resources, Sciences and Technologies (RSTM) niche of excellence, the Marine Biology Research Centre (MBRC) and Merinov.


The proposed programming is based on the needs of businesses, which are the backbone of the project. It is developed through a collaborative process that involves a number of stakeholders in the targeted sectors who have teamed up to identify current topics and issues and who contribute to the organization of activities and events.


To facilitate networking and exchanges between research and industrial players
To increase the synergy and number of growth-generating projects related to marine biotechnologies as well as the marine product processing and value enhancement sectors
To promote efficient dissemination of information to stakeholders in the sector
To favour activities geared toward the interests of businesses and based on their development and innovation priorities

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Coordinator, Marine Bioresources and Biotechnologies

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